An history of traditions and quality food in Venice


The Vittoria was born in 1938 at the hands of Giuseppe Rampazzo. Umberto’s son accepted the gift of his father, managing the place with heart and soul, transforming it from a small bar to a small pizzeria. He, between appetizers, cicchetti, shadows and rumors began to build up a customer who were entertained for entire afternoons.
Those who knew, remembers him with great affection, and tells him as a person full of passion for his craft, from the performances in Piazza San Marco, the school of great hotels, up to the passion that accompanied him throughout his short life: football, so as to drive him to the creation of an amateur team, which gave the name of the restaurant “the Vittoria”.
The premature loss, the witness for the management passed to his wife Maria and daughter just turned eighteen, Giuliana. Grandma Maria has always been dedicated to work, after the loss of his grandfather Umberto, has rolled up their sleeves and it is thanks to her if Vittoria is now a local traditional Venetian family for over 70 years.


Vittoria today is managed by the mother (Guliana) and me (Elisabetta).
She and I have tried to follow the path taken by our ancestors and never stopped, that Giuseppe’s great-grandfather, grandfather and grandmother Umberto Maria have created and cultivated with difficulty. Today, the Vittoria sees people from all over the world expressing their joy at every return, saying he was satisfied with the environment and speciality.
With pride, currently represent the 3rd and 4th generation can.
With Mom, we look for solutions aimed at making the room “warm” and ensure that it remains satisfied customers: from quality ingredients for our dishes, our pizza dough, through the preparation of foods and condiments that is visible and moment, the latter reason for asking you to wait if the place is full, further proof that we are not a fast food restaurant.